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Kit: (WG-3) 3 Pots & 3 Hangers

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SALE – Reg: 24.95  Sale Price: $19.95

Kit – WG-3

Ideal for: Tree trunk, fence, pole, column, mail box pole, baluster, etc.

Kit includes:

(3) flower pots
(color: Terracotta)
(3) hangers
(3) 17.5 inch Zip Ties
(1) 5 foot nylon adjustable strap with buckle


Product Description

Hang your Herbs, Orchids and Plants in Seconds with no Nails, Screws or Tools! 

Simply fasten the hanger with a 17.5 inch Zip Tie or a 5 foot nylon adjustable strap to any stationary object. Once the hanger is securely fastened simply place the flower put on the hanger.

The Zip Ties are for smaller object such as: fence slats, poles, columns, mail box pole, balusters, etc.

The 5 foot adjustable nylon strap is for larger objects such as tree trunks, etc.

(Place multiple hangers on the same nylon strap so you have your complete garden around a tree trunk at a height that is convenient for you)

WhereverGarden eliminates the need to bend over to care for your garden. It also keeps your garden out of reach of many animals that are potentially harmful to your garden.

The WG-3 kit contains:

3 – Plastic flower pots
3 – Plastic hangers
3 – 17.5 inch Zip Ties
1 – 5 foot adjustable nylon strap (color: brown)

Color of pots – Terracotta

Approximate dimensions:

Top inside diameter: 6 inches
Height 5.5 inches

** The WhereverGarden hanger can also be nailed or screwed to most stationary objects.

** The hangers and Zip Ties can be spray painted to match the mounting surface. This makes the hanger and Zip Ties nearly invisible.  (use spray paint made for plastic)

** ** For outdoor use only


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